Mission Statement

A) The general purpose of this organization shall be to organize in one association, lake shore property owners and owners of properties with access rights to Lake Tetonka and Upper and Lower Lake Sakatah and the water ways (channels) between the lakes in order to promote the preservation of these waters for the present and future, for the prevention of pollution, prevent unjust and unequal taxation, promote education relative to maintaining these water ways for present and future uses for fishing, hunting and related recreational opportunities and facilities as approved by the board.

B)  To furnish state and local government regulators with objective observations about water clarity, fish populations, infestations of detrimental species of marine life, and land use practices having an impact on the watershed, to promote and furnish support for studies performed within the watershed with regard to such issues, whether performed by government agencies or private research organizations, and to serve as a liaison between residents of the watershed and such researchers or government entities as approved by the board.

C)   To furnish educational programs and materials to its members concerning land use and both ground and surface water quality within the watershed approved by the board.

D)   To furnish educational programs and materials to its members concerning the identification of detrimental insects, aquatic plants, and marine animal life as approved by the board.

E)   To sponsor social events and to otherwise promote a sense of community among all members and others concerned about the watershed as approved by the board.

F)   To assess membership an amount deemed necessary by the Board of Directors to fulfill and accomplish the above purposes of the association.