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Announcing the 2024 Annual Waterville Lakes Association Spring Membership Meeting!

Mark your calendars now for our 2024 Annual Waterville Lakes Association Meeting- Saturday, April 27th, 9:00am at the Waterville Event Center! We will be reviewing our plans with you for invasive weed abatement, nominations & voting for Waterville Lakes Association Vice President & Members At Large, along with other topics including answering any questions. Coffee & donuts are provided.

Nominations are now open for Vice President and four Board Members at Large:

Nominations thus far are Tim Smith for Vice President. Neal Cronin, John Ridgway, Clay Miller, Joe Collins, Gary Schott for Board Members at Large.

Voting to fill these openings will be at our Annual Spring Meeting, Saturday, April 27, 2024.

Current WLA Board is:

President:  Andrea Berg
Vice President:  Vacant
Treasurer:  Chrissy Christenson/ Lake Region Accounting 
Secretary: Deon Ford

Eric Lomen, Bernie Baumann, Cory Culbert, Tim Smith, Dallas McIntyre, Scott Hudson, Jeanne Tomlinson, and Pete Shutrop

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Lake Steward Program

My name is Lily Carr and I am an environmental policy major about to begin my junior year of college at the University of Minnesota. I just joined Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates as an intern and I am so excited to be running the Lake Steward program this summer! I will approach this task with experience in soil science, environmental science, climate studies, and environmental policy. 

Please reach out to me if you have questions about MLR’s Lake Steward program or want to start Lake Steward on the lake you love. I can provide the tools and training you will need to protect your lakes shoreline and water quality.

The Lake Steward program is about educating and empowering individuals so they can take responsibility for their shoreline and maintain healthy water quality through sustainable land management practices. This is done through the coordinated efforts of willing lakeshore property owners and lake association volunteer shoreline evaluators. The first step is for property owners to take the “are you a lake steward” quiz on the MLR website. Finding ways to increase the number of people kicking off this process by taking the quiz is one of our main goals. 

We want to spread the awareness that people have the power to protect Minnesota’s water from their own backyards! Fostering the parallel ideas of responsibility and empowerment can create change in big ways.

I grew up playing in Minnesota’s lakes with my friends and family, and I plan for my grandchildren to be able to do the same thing.  

I look forward to working with all of you fellow lake-lovers this summer!



(612) 351-1916

Become annual members with your tax deductible donation of $35
Follow us on Facebook & our new website, http://watervillelakes.mnlakesandrivers.org/

We are also encouraging interested individuals to consider becoming a WLA board member.  

If interested in being a board member, please contact us at watervilleLakesAssociation@gmail.com.